Benefits Of Donating Your Blood

Posted on: 26 July 2021

Did you know that someone is in need of blood every two seconds in the United States? Due to the fact that blood cannot be manufactured or made, people depend on others donating blood to save lives. Just one personal blood donation can help as many as three individuals. Other than the obvious, what are the benefits of being a blood donor? There are actually health benefits to donating your blood. Here are some of them.

It Can Uncover Potential Health Issues

Although it may not be the same as having blood work done at the doctor's office, donating your blood can be yet another way to find out about some health problems. When you have your blood drawn, you will undergo a mini-physical. You will have your temperature, blood pressure, pulse, etc. taken. These things may be able to shed some light on health issues that you didn't know you had. They will also do a quick test of your blood to ensure it is okay to take a full draw. If there are any serious issues, you won't be eligible. For instance, if your blood is severely low in iron, you won't be eligible.

It Can Reduce Your Risk of a Heart Attack

Believe it or not, you may be able to minimize your risk of having a heart attack by donating blood. One reason for this is due to the iron deposits that are stored in the blood. Too much iron can increase the risk of a heart attack. When blood is donated, these are depleted, and the body creates new blood. This allows your vessels to function better.

It Can Improve Your Mentality

There are numerous physical benefits to becoming a blood donor, but there are also plenty of mental benefits as well. When you donate blood, it means that you are helping at least one person get the help that they need. Essentially, you could be saving someone's life. Donating blood, particularly if you do so regularly, can be seen as volunteer work in a way. You are giving your time, along with your blood, to aid strangers who are in need of assistance.

This can be beneficial to your mental state because you are doing good for the world. There has been research done that shows volunteer work can have a positive impact on your happiness. For older individuals, volunteering can help to reduce the overall risk of loneliness and depression. In many cases, the psychological benefits can be just as great as the physical benefits that you reap from giving blood.

As you can see, donating blood can be good for you, and it's good for others. For more information, reach out to a blood donation center like We Are Blood to schedule a time to give blood.